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The Benefits of Using Squid Proxy with VPN and SSH We all love what VPN and SSH can do for us. But if there is one drawback of using VPN, it is slow speed. Once we access the VPN and SSH server, the speed will be reduced significantly. And if you want to surf the internet under the protection of VPN and SSH with normal speed, you should take Squid Proxy into advantage. The best benefit of Squid is its capability to accelerate data transfer and download speed. Moreover, using Squid Proxy can help us save our precious bandwidth. Squid can be used in multiple platforms. Setting it up is a little bit tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you can surf faster even though you use VPN and SSH.
IPLocationPortAccess ForStatus Squid States3128,80,8080,8000All OpenVPN & SSH Server America

ONLINE States3128,80,8080All OpenVPN & SSH Server America

ONLINE,80,8080All OpenVPN & SSH Server Asia

ONLINE,80,8080,8000All OpenVPN & SSH Server Asia

ONLINE,80,8080All OpenVPN & SSH Server Asia

ONLINE Kngdom3128,80,8080All OpenVPN & SSH Server Eropa

ONLINE,80,8080,8000All OpenVPN & SSH Server Eropa