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  1. SSH is an administration protocol that allows users to access and modify various settings and files that are on the server.
  2. SSH allows to remote other devices or server connected to internet network.
  3. If you using SSH have the option to authenticate remote before connecting.
  4. SSH can also send input from the client SSH to server host then send the results back to the client user.


  1. This is open source software, which is distributed under the MIT-style license.
  2. Dropbear is very useful for Unix or Linux type operating systems, wireless routers.
  3. SSH dropbear server are relatively lightweight for client, running on various POSIX-based platforms.
  4. Even the most popular Dropbear is used for free internet tunneling because it's easy to find bugs and hosts that support ssh dropbear for mobile operators.
  5. Generally Openssh and Dropbear are same the data encryption protocol, but Dropbear is safe more than openssh because include compatible with openssh.


  1. Stunnel is a client-server based program that provides encryption for data communication security.
  2. Stunnel runs on a variety of common operating systems such as Unix, Linux, BSD, Windows.
  3. The purpose of this application is to wrap communication protocols that are categorized as insecure or unencrypted such as HTTP into a safer connection so that the data sent cannot be tapped.
  4. Stunnel is a proxy designed to add TLS encryption functions to existing clients and servers without changes in the program code.
  5. The architecture optimize for portability, scalability and security make it suitable for deployments.

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