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A Simple Definition of VPN.

VPN (virtual private network) is a technology that could make internet access you comfortable with eliminating prevention in accessing all sites. Giving new anonymous identity, disguise your original location and encrypts all traffic, such things make all data access and secure internet. Internet service provider or network operator, even the government, will not be able to check or filter your activity on the web.

Server location of the Asian continent has the right location for you who want to access the website in the Asia-Pacific region and internationally. We have multiple servers with lots of choices, the server that has become a favorite of many users is the server Singapore. Singapore is featured in the location server, Asia. Because Singapore often referred to as a transit country. So access from Asia to global very quickly, internet bandwidth Singapore larger and more stable for the local and international.

Server location continent Europe is a server location suitable if you need a server with High quality and want focused website access in the European region. Speed not much different from the server continent North America, because same quality. We have choices location server in Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Germany.

Server location continent North America the most attractive was server location united states, usually used to access a website that can only be accessed by IP address from the United States. But server location united states classified readily available fast anywhere. It 's because the United States is a center for Internet server in the world and some great website server the majority have a primary server located united states.

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We can be anonymous surfing. You can surf the Internet without being tracked your real IP, it is because our IP will be detected other IP (anonymous), which is by the IP VPN server which we are using. In conclusion, we are safe from hackers. Regarding the security of information, you receive and send through the Internet, has a standard VPN security with encrypted 128 bit / 1024 bit.